We adore our Shaggy Moos, Midsize and Minis' too!

Why Mini Cattle

We've been asked why we went from standard highlands to a smaller size highland. Besides the obvious of being so dang adorable there are the less obvious reasons like:

1.) They save money on feed. They are more efficient to feed conversion when compared to full size cattle.

2.) Miniature cattle when mature, fit family needs closer than large commercial beef. There is no need to try to sell the 1/2 of the larger cattle that a family will not need.

3.) Easier to keep on small acreage (in some cases an acre will do)

4.) Easier on the pastures than their larger counterparts

5.) They may be smaller but their gentle temperament is much larger!

6.) Easier to handle


We have found that some folks are perceiving miniature cattle to be knee high. They are indeed that size, at birth, but mature can range from 36 inches (some less) up to 48 inches tall. We have a few that are in the 36 inch range and they come up to just the top of my hip bone. Our largest is 45 inches and comes even with my chest (I am 5'4") They can range from 500 pounds to males weighing 900-1000 pounds. The smaller traditionally carrying the largest price tag. We switched in 2017 and never looked back, we love the miniature cattle!

How it all began

We are a small family owned and operated farm in rural Ohio. In 1993 we purchased our first farm, and so the adventure began. Our farm was located in Western Wisconsin where we raised horses and standard Scottish Highlands, primarily whites. When all of our children were grown, we moved back east to Ohio to be closer to our aging parents and down sized to 50 acres.

In 2017 we decided to down size again, this time literally downsize the size of our Highlands, from standard to minis. Our cattle now range in size from minis to midsize and we have added a few shaggy designer cows that make great pasture eye candy!. We offer only a few babies a year.When they are available they will be listed on our sales page.

Although the cows do not have access to this pond, located just outside our front door, they do have their own creek and pond in the woods where they spend most of their hot summer days.